Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Catholic priest screws student, things go downhill from there

The BBC has an article about a recent murder of a young woman who happened to have been sexually involved with her priest. Guess what the focus of the article is?

There are a lot of things wrong with this priest, but for once having sex with one of his parishioners isn't among them.

Chances are he wasn't completely ignorant about the handyman who allegedly raped and murdered the girl, then hid her body in the church. Surely a priest would know when his church floor has been dug up, wouldn't he? Shouldn't he?

He inevitably blames his alcoholism for his misdeeds which is more and more becoming the standard first line of defense for old white men accused of anything. It's weak and it's pathetic. Of course, it's twice compounded in this case because he's a member of the Alcoholics Anonymous Cult, and he calls alcoholism an illness. I'm not convinced alcoholism is a valid condition, let alone a disease.

Oh right, and he's a priest.

The only thing he did that wasn't illegal or immoral was have sex with a consenting adult. So why does the article focus primarily on their sexual relationship? Sure, there's brief mention of the murder, the alleged killer and rapist, and the hidden buried body in a CHURCH, but all that is secondary to the news that two adults had sex with each other.

Am I the only one who assumed the "student" was a boy until her name was given, and that she was prepubescent until her age was given? I wonder whether that says more about me or the state of Christianity...

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Jolly Bloger said...

Small update:

The BBC has another article about this case. This one is much better, it follows actual evidence and motives instead of focusing on the non-scandalous sex. It's starting to look like a Dan Brown novel though, corrupt priests, shady handyman, and now: old secret subterranean passages beneath a church!

Spine tingly-dingly.