Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cool guy takes NASA research/gigantic balls into own hands

(via SuicideGirls)

This is really cool. Reid Stowe, some crazy Richard Branson type guy has decided to take space research into his own hands. He's testing the psychological effects of isolation on a small crew working together to manage a long voyage for about the length of time of a manned mission to Mars. He's doing it on his sailboat.

The 55-year-old Stowe, a sailor and professional adventurer, is currently sailing the 70-foot schooner Anne through the South Atlantic. He's attempting to stay at sea, beyond the sight of land, for 1,000 days. Stowe calls his project the Mars Ocean Odyssey, because he thinks the journey will provide valuable lessons for a manned flight to Mars, when astronauts would be confined to a small vessel for two to three years, separated from terra firma and most of humanity.
Of course, you can follow along on his website and blog. I don't particularly like the RSS feed he's got, but its such a cool story, I'll be keeping up with it. Don't bother telling me that this isn't a reliable study, I know. I'm sure Reid knows. It's just cool ok?

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