Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Holy crap, it's been a busy week. I've had very little time to do any writing and I missed Pirate Wednesday on its second week. Let's just call that little Talk Like a Pirate Day post Pirate Wednesday ok?

Speaking of, I had a great TLaPD last week. I wish I had taken pictures. I went out and bought piraty bandannas for myself and my roommates (roommateys?) then picked up tropical fruits and other ingredients for dinner. I made pork chops with banana and bacon using Red Stripe Jamaican beer and garnished with pineapple and coconut. Then I put on a big pot of grog that was sort of a mix between American and Navy Grog, but a lot of improvising. Water, Bacardi 151, Grand Marnier, sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice, and fresh limes. No measuring, just dump it all in to taste like a pirate would. I listened to Stan Rogers for a good mix of Canadiana and piracy and ended the night with the world's greatest porno, Pirates from director Joone.

Anyone else celebrate TLaPD? Share your story!

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