Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pirate Wednesday - Somalian Piracy

A bit of good news for pirates, bad news for merchants. Piracy is on the rise in Somalia, up 14% so far this year. This form of modern piracy is, of course, nowhere as cool as classic piracy. It's something I suppose, but there's no romance to it. Ineffective corrupt African governments make it easy for this kind of lackluster nickel and dime piracy. It's actually kind of sad, poor oppressed Somalian citizens with little other means of survival resort to piracy, as opposed to young nobility taking to the high seas for a life of opulence and adventure. I'm glad that piracy is still alive in the world, but I hope that one day Africa will break out of the unfortunate position it has been put in, and piracy will rise again as a way to make a name for yourself and amass a fortune.

I also have a bit of exciting meta-pirate news. In researching the above story I found a great site from the International Commercial Crime Services and the International Maritime Bureau about piracy. They put out a weekly piracy report, as well as annual maps showing total acts of piracy by location. I'll look into it in more detail and hopefully incorporate the weekly piracy reports into Pirate Wednesday from now on.

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