Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This is an evil man. I'm glad he's gone.

Deported imam outraged by his plane ride home

On the coattails of yesterday's post where I commented on the question of whether there are fundamentalist Muslims living in Canada, comes this story. This is so ridiculous I don't know if I can take it seriously.

Jaziri said he was deprived of any outside contact in the hours leading to his departure, including with his pregnant wife, and said the handcuffs he was forced to wear hurt him.

The Muslim cleric said the way he was treated qualified as psychological and physical torture, a nightmare that would take a lifetime to get over.


Jaziri was the cleric at the Al-Qods mosque on BĂ©langer Street in Montreal's Rosemont district. He earned a reputation for outspokenness by publicly supporting Sharia law, denouncing homosexuality as a sin and criticizing the controversial publication of the Muhammad cartoons in a Danish newspaper in 2006.

This is a man who advocates strict draconian theocratic punishments such as cutting off a hand for theft, execution for homosexuality, adultery or apostasy (which includes simply not being a devout Muslim) and the extreme oppression of women, is a raging homophobe, and an enemy of free speech. He has the nerve to say that lack of communication for HOURS at a time as well as UNCOMFORTABLE HANDCUFFS constitutes psychological and physical torture that will take him a lifetime to get over. Give me a break.

Surely there will be an outcry of support for this so-called cleric from a bunch of smelly hippies. Now, I'm as liberal as the next guy on any issue you care to name, and I value a tolerant society more than is probably reasonable. However, it is strictly antithetical to a tolerant society to allow bigoted men to enact their insane religious fascism. We cannot tolerate intolerance. That doesn't mean we should deport Muslims or even devout Muslims who passively admire Sharia law. This man violated the law and lied on his application for refugee status - that is why he was deported. But it's not why I'm glad he's gone.

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