Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cloning Afterword

This is related to Thursday's cloning post.

Ian Wilmut, the head of the team that first cloned a sheep has decided to switch the focus of his stem cell research from human cloning to a method being developed in Japan that involves reprogramming skin cells. How easy would it be for Ian to say "well, yes, certainly the ethics of human cloning were a major factor in my decision" to please all the 'egg=person' morons? But he went out of his way to just shit on their face. The actual quote is:

"We've not made this decision because it's ethically better.

"To me it's always been ethically acceptable to think that if you could use cells from a human embryo to develop a treatment for a disease like motor neurone disease, for which there is no treatment at present, then that is an acceptable thing to do."

Ian is trying to save actual human lives. He'll use whatever method he thinks will work the best, including cloning, and he's not afraid to tell the hippies and Christians to shut the hell up. We need more scientists like him.

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