Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Coming up on the Jolly Bloger...

I don't like to go too long without writing something, but I can't type today because I injured myself in a spectacular show of stupidity. There is a bunch of stuff I want to talk about though, so this is just a little teaser. As soon as I regain the use of my left hand and get back to full typing capability, I want to discuss:

  • The announcement from Google about their new open source mobile coding project, Android
  • The DARPA robot challenge
  • The wrap-up of the wonderful Donors Choose campaign
  • Technology in general, and the feeling of awe and wonder it brings
  • The harrowing tale of my idiotic but pretty cool self-injury (to avoid getting too personal on my bloge I'll tie that into a half-cocked political post about health care)
  • And of course, tomorrow is Pirate Wednesday.
Hopefully I'll get those all out by the end of the week. Stay tuned!

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