Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sudan charges UK teacher with insulting Islam

This story is so sick... I don't know what to say about it, I'm truly speechless. I've seen it referenced all over the place, so you may have read about it already. A British teacher in Sudan named the classroom teddy bear Mohammad, and was arrested for blasphemy. She now faces possible jail time, fines, or corporal punishment.

It gets worse though, the quotes from Sudanese Muslims are even sicker:

"Any one can make a mistake and Muslims are forgivers. She will be forgiven and God will be the judge."

"She is a teacher and should be teaching her pupils to be respectful and have morals but instead she is doing the opposite," said Mohamed Toum, a law student.

A mistake? That implies that deliberately naming a fucking teddy bear after the god damn prophet is indeed a punishable crime, but she didn't MEAN to. Fuck that, that is not an acceptable way to view the world. And then he says she should be teaching respect and morality? What the FUCK people?!? Is it respectful to whip a kind woman who wanted to teach kids how to read because of what she named a FUCKING TOY? Is it moral to react this way? Pull your worthless fucking heads out of your collective asses, Muslim world.

The British government aren't any better. They're asking people not to get worked up over this, they're sure it will be resolved in good time, heaven forbid we strain relations with these monsters, or appear (gasp) Islamophobic. Fucking right I'm Islamophobic, I'm scared shitless of these sick motherfuckers.

I'm going to go throw up now.


Holy hell, sorry I hate to return to this, but about ten minutes after I hit publish on this post I saw another article with more ridiculous quotes and I had to reopen this and update.

A Sudanese pupil of a British woman arrested on blasphemy allegations has said it was his idea to name a teddy bear Muhammad.
So now they've fucked up these kids for life. The poor little boy feels personally responsible for the imprisonment and possible beating of his teacher. That's the kind of life long guilt that can turn a healthy kid into a suicide bomber. And what do you think are the chances he'll be able to get decent therapy in Sudan?

The Sudanese Embassy in London said the situation was a "storm in a teacup".

It has indicated that she could be released soon, as the incident was based on a cultural misunderstanding.

More religious apologists in England. It's not a misunderstanding, it's a bastardization of human decency and morality in the name of dangerous religion and unwarranted 'tolerance' run amok. It is not a virtue to tolerate intolerance.

"What is happening now is standard procedure because one of the parents has complained and the police is bound to investigate just as is the case in any country in which there is rule of law."

AAAHHH! RULE OF LAW?!?!?! FUCK ME!! Remember, this is from the Sudanese embassy in London. This is not a man on the street interview in downtown Khartoum. As if I have to say it, the rule of law most certainly does NOT necessitate the arrest of anyone who offends (gasp) the fucked up religious sensibilities of another. In fact, Muslim countries are by definition devoid of the rule of law because the core of their beliefs is that religion is above the law.

"Ms Gibbons has been suspended from her teaching post, and the school has closed until January."

The children get no education now. Well done Sudan, surely you are a paragon of civility and modernity.

Ok, back to throwing up.

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Anonymous said...

I know - I'm so fucking angry I could burst like a lemming. Why are people such sick fucks? Well, that just teaches anyone civilised never to try to do anything nice for a backwards place like that. Shame about the kids though, without education, they'll grow up to be just the same.