Friday, November 30, 2007

We're Fucked

The world is just completely fucked.

All of the Democrat candidates are Christians and can't jump up fast enough to declare their love of Jesus and complete respect for strong faith in any religion.

Half of the Republican candidates are strict creationists themselves who actively oppose evolution.

Florida just voted to teach creationism with evolution, and a few members of the board there have hinted that they'd vote to abolish evolution completely if it was put to vote.

The head of the Texas schoolboard is doing everything he can right now to put creationism in and take evolution out, and it looks like he'll do it.

The British government is telling their citizens and the world to love and respect all Muslims and not to make any waves, as hordes of fanatical jihadists (i.e. the common citizens of Muslim countries) take to the streets burning effigys and demanding a woman be put to death for giving a stuffed animal the most common male name in the world.

More Americans believe in hell - as an actual literal place, not some metaphor - than believe in evolution.

So... good game, world over, nice try.

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