Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ok, FINAL final word, and the next episode

Last one, I promise. There's yet another article out by the BBC with a debriefing of the Gillian Gibbons saga, now that she has returned home. PZ has already commented on it, and I agree with everything he says.

Gillian has once again missed the point and shown herself to be a tool. She doesn't want to "put anyone off going to Sudan", where they'll arrest you, convict you, and rally in the streets calling for your death if you say the wrong thing. Yeah, that sounds like a top notch vacation spot. She was "very upset to think that I may have caused offence to people - very, very upset about it."

Ah, what more can I say? A backwards, intolerant, racist, misogynistic, homophobic religion does not deserve respect for simply being somebody's religion. If that isn't obvious there's not much I can tell ya.

Anyways, it didn't take long after that incident was resolved for the next one to pop up. It's India's turn to take the stage, this time with a two-fer.

The first story is just great. An Indian businessman who owns a cellular network has been arrested for "insulting a religion or faith" because someone else sent a Sikh joke in a text message on his network. Bonus: his name is Anil.

The second one is far more mundane, but no less ridiculous.
A minister in India's West Bengal state has called for a ban on a book carrying a picture the Prophet Muhammad. I saw a video interview with Christopher Hitchens yesterday (I'll link or post it later) where he says the Muslim rule against depicting the prophet was originally intended to prevent idol worship, but now the rule itself has become a form of idolatry. That's a great way to describe these events, they're strict dogmatic knee-jerk extremist overreactions to an arbitrary rule.

I'll keep an eye on these India stories and see if they go anywhere.

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