Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pirate Wednesday - Pyrats

Ok, I'm trying to make up for two weeks of neglect, but I'm flying a little blind today. I totally meant to do this last night but I got caught up playing World of Warcraft.
(lvl28 horde pally on Shandris, email me 4 char name! LoLz!)

There is a QuickTime movie below. I do not have the QuickTime plugin at work, so to me it looks like a big broken box. Hopefully it works for everyone else. I guess lemme know in comments if it's fubar and I'll do what I can.

The movie is called Pyrats, and it kicks fucking ass. From the official website:

"Pyrats" is an animated short film made by 5 french students from the animation school
"Gobelins l'├ęcole de l'image" in Paris ,FRANCE.

It was made as an opening short done for the Annecy 2006 international animation festival.
The movie was completed in 7 months (including screenplay, storyboard and designs).
The technique is basically 2D traditionnal [sic] animation with some scenes helped by 3D and flash

Watch the full size version here (friggin' small blogger columns...) and watch some neat 'making of' montages here.

Enjoy! (double click to start)

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