Monday, December 3, 2007

Where have all the physicists gone?

There are tons of blogs about biology out there - on evolution, medicine, toxicology, etc. That's cool, I read a bunch of those, but my true geeky science passion is and always will be physics. There aren't enough people writing about fundamental physics in an accessible way. Phil is, of course, unequaled, but with all due respect astronomy isn't the same as fundamental theoretical physics. The best place I've found is Cosmic Variance, and today they have a great post about the arrow of time and entropy. If you care about the basic machinery ticking away beneath the fabric of space and time, I recommend taking a read.

If you happen to be a professor, or researcher, or engineer, or just some guy (or gal) who knows a lot about physics, I implore you to write about it! Get some blogging software and start summarizing difficult concepts in cosmology, particle physics, and quantum mechanics.

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