Friday, January 4, 2008

Cloning a Mammoth

A very well preserved mammoth has been found in Siberia, and is now being studied in Japan. Looks like the focus of the study is on the cause of mammoth extinction and global warming, but it reminded me of another mammoth discovery not long ago. Last time there was a lot of talk about possibly creating a clone, or hybrid with Asian elephants.

I really want to see a mammoth cloned. Like... I really really want it. Gene therapy and cloned sheep are all well and good, but if you let your imagination run a little wild, the possibilities are endless. All those crazy creatures from fantasy and mythology could in theory exist, if we put our minds to creating them. There's no real reason a gryphon, a unicorn, a centaur, a dragon, etc. can't exist. Yes, there's no way such ridiculous crossing could happen naturally, but if we could write genetic code from scratch then why not? Sure it's extremely difficult and impractical, but is there anyone who can honestly deny how fucking cool that would be? The first step in this process is resurrecting extinct species, and the mammoth is a prime candidate.

So... what's the holdup? Let's get on this!

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