Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pirate Wednesday - Vancouver Flashmob

Why was I not informed of this at the time?

Passengers commuting to and from the North Shore aboard the SeaBus last Friday found themselves surrounded by a horde of pirates who congregated for an ocean-faring party in the middle of Burrard Inlet.

Over 300 people dressed as a variety of pirates stormed the Waterfront terminal in front of chuckling commuters and TransLink employees. The flash mob was organized almost entirely through the social networking site Facebook, which become essential for spontaneous guerilla pillow fights, art installations, and theme parties across the city.

That sounds incredible! They had two live bands, a crowd of pirates singing sailing shanties, and capped it off with a pirate dance party. Bonus points: it totally sounds like that scene from the pilot of Arrested Development where Tobias thinks the yacht party is pirate themed and accidentally joins a group of flamboyantly dressed gay protesters.

Best quote ever from passenger Sky Doherty: “I don’t know what’s going on, but that was the best fucking SeaBus ride of my life.”

Thumbs up to Vancouver public transit staff and users for not making a single complaint, and thumbs up to the Vancouver Public Space Network for having some huge balls. Sometimes this city is pretty cool.


Dave Foree said...

That's rad.

Now I'll do my piratey duty and tell you this:

If you ever feel like visiting Washington, DC (assuming you haven't already), March 22 would be the time to do it - We're celebrating The Pirate Choir's official pirate CD release pirate party at DC's official pirate bar dressed, of course, as pirates. It's going to be piratastic.

I'd say it's time for the Jolly Bloger to visit his favorite country's capital dressed as a pirate. There will be no better time.

Jolly Bloger said...

Wow, that sounds absolutely fantastic. I wish I could make it. Are you going? If you get any pictures I'd love to see them.

Dave Foree said...

I will absolutely try my hardest to remember that even though I may be a pirate for a night, I will still have a camera phone. A pirate camera phone.