Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Audacity of Pope

So the Pope has come to America for a visit. One of his goals is to "heal sex abuse wounds" of the countless victims of priest rape. The audacity of this man astonishes me. No matter how good his intentions are, he has no right to get further involved in these cases. The catholic church has lost the right to be a source of comfort to the people it has abused.

Think about it, this is an organization that commits a crime, denies the crime, covers it up, protects the criminals, blames the victims, and THEN has the balls to try to "help" the victims sometimes up to forty years later. He probably expects praise for it too. To me, that's basically the same idea as a doctor going around with a tyre iron smashing people's kneecaps, then tenderly putting them in a cast and giving them a bill.

Pope supporters will surely be crowing about all the wonderful things the catholic church has done to heal abuse wounds after this. Sorry, it doesn't count when you apologize for damage that you have caused.

Oh, but it's going to be alright from now on right? Because the Pope "vowed to keep pedophiles out of the priesthood". Sorta like the vow of celibacy the pedophile priests took eh? I call bullshit.

Fuck the popo.

More blatant hypopecrisy (via RD)
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