Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jolly Blog(g)er on the radio!

I listen to a radio show (via podcast) on the CBC called Search Engine. It's about issues related to the Internet, and net-based fads.

Last week there was a brief discussion of net neutrality, and the host asked people to comment on the site. I did:

Speaking of the charter of rights and freedoms, what is lacking in that document that we need to add specifically for the Internet? Aren't the existing rights enough to cover web users as well?

As for net neutrality, bear in mind that the infrastructure that makes the Internet possible is property that is owned by people who worked hard to build it. Do they not have rights when it comes to their property? No one needs permission to invent the web, but once it's invented, shouldn't the creator have a say in how it's used?

This week, he read some of the comments, and mine slipped in! Cool!

Except that he pronounced it 'Jolly BlogGer' as opposed to 'Bloger (rhymes with Roger)' as everyone knows is correct. It just sounds weird out of context. I still love the wordplay, but maybe enough is enough.

That got me thinking, The Pirate Bay has started a blog hosting service. It would be cool to move my pirate themed blog to their servers. I haven't decided anything, but I'll let you know if a move (and name change) is in the works.

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Dave Foree said...

Way to go, "Jolly."

For the record, I wholeheartedly believe the wordplay should continue. Forever.