Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pirate Wednesday - France and Spain

There have been two fairly major pirate events in the news in the past couple of weeks. First was that French yacht that was abducted by Somalian pirates, and the crew held hostage. A ransom was paid, and the crew released. The pirates were subsequently captured and taken to Paris, then charged with a criminal offense. I assume they still await trial.

Shortly after that, in an eerily similar incident, a Spanish vessel was captured and the crew taken hostage, again near Somalia. They too were paid a ransom and have let the crew go, but have not been captured.

I have said before that I do not consider this new breed of half-assed maritime guerrilla crime to be true piracy, and I maintain that position, though these two recent incidents are a vast improvement over the petty nickel-and-dime theft common to the Somalian pirates.

That being said, I'm disappointed at the pussy reactions of both France and Spain to these attacks. Have they forgotten their own past? Do they deny their legacy of real piracy? I'd like to take a minute to remind the world that these once-great nations have sired a host of pirates over the years that would put the Somalian bilge rats to shame. Perhaps they will be inspired to return to their roots and take back the seas from these pretenders to the salty throne in an epic wave of neo-retro pirate vigilantism.

This is surely an incomplete list, using only this Wikipedia article as a source. Many of the below pirates have their own articles, I recommend you peruse their glorious deeds.


Jean Ango
Eustace the Monk
Jean Fleury
Francois le Clerc
Guillaume la Testu
Jacques de Sores
Captain Archembeau
Jean Bart
Philippe Bequel
Pierre Bot
Jacquotte Delahaye
Anne Dieu-Le-Veut
Michel de Grammont
Jean du Casse
Alexandre Exquemelin
Jean Foccard
Jean Hamilton
Pierre Le Grand
Marquis de Maintenon
Daniel Montbars
Francois l'Ollonais
Pierre Le Picard
Chavalier du Plessis
Jean de Pointis
Jacques Tavernier
Moise Vauquelin
Olivier Levasseur
Emanuel Wynn


Pedro Menendez de Aviles
Juan Garcia
Pedro de la Plesa
Edwardo Blomar
Bartolome Charpes
Juam Guartem
John Pyne
Mancel Alcantra
Jose Gaspar
Benito de Soto

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