Thursday, July 24, 2008

PZ has gone too far!

I'm sure anyone reading this is at least somewhat familiar with crackergate.

  1. Kid takes communion wafer out of church.
  2. Catholics freak out.
  3. PZ tells them its a frackin' cracker.
  4. Shit hits the god damn fan.

PZ had asked for people to collect these crackers and send them to him, so he could desecrate them to show they're nothing but a silly symbol. I'm with him so far.

He gets tons of hate mail and whatnot, some of which telling him that instead, he should desecrate the koran. I'm fine with that too.

So today he posts the results. He went over some of the horrifying history of Catholic bigotry and mass murder, then talked about his own protest. He drove a rusty nail through a communion wafer - good - then tore out some pages from the koran and put the nail through those as well - fine - but then...

He did the same to a copy of the God Delusion!

What the fuck PZ? Desecrating Catholic and Muslim symbols is fine, but this is going too far. Have you even read the God Delusion? Don't you understand how important it is? How great a text you have, well, desecrated? I demand an apology for this inexcusable and highly offensive act.

Moreover, you are a hypocrite! Just one month ago you yourself signed my copy of the God Delusion! I have the proof right here:

So how's it going to be, PZ? Are you going to issue a formal apology for this heinous insult to my lack of faith, or do I have to drive down to Morris and kick your ass?


Bellerophon said...

Richard Dawkins is such a superior, compassionate being that he will not stand seeing you taking the trouble to kick PZ's ass, so I hear there are going to be thunderbolts that stretch from Oxford to Morris tonight, specifically to punish the "third-rate" professor of a "third-rate" university for the sacrilege.

Otherwise everything's fine. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" is out, "Just paper, Just a cracker" is in.

John Phillips, FCD said...


bellerophon said...

I think it's about time we started supporting PZ on this.