Friday, August 29, 2008

Holy shit I love science!

If Mythbusters ever goes off the air (God forb... Knock on wo... what does a skeptic say in this situation?) Adam and Jamie should just do a show where they build awesome stuff like this.

The Sex Files

US actor David Duchovny has entered a rehabilitation clinic for sex addiction, his publicist has confirmed.

I don't really have anything to say, I just wanted to scoop the joke in the title.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vaccinate your children!

In our society, virtually everyone has easy access to affordable (often free!) vaccinations against measles, mumps, and rubella. There's really no reason to see these diseases at all. They should have gone the way of smallpox. But they haven't.

There have been thousands of totally preventable cases of these diseases, mostly measles, because of some form of vaccine denial.

Now my own community is being threatened by an outbreak of mumps.

As thousands of children prepare to head back to school, the outbreak, which began in a religious community, has already spread westward into Metro Vancouver — as far as Burnaby.

There have been 116 confirmed cases of mumps and another 74 suspected cases since February, according to the Fraser Health Authority. On average, the region has only 10 cases a year.

Two people from Alberta carried the mumps to a religious community near Agassiz that has a low rate of vaccinations, said Dr. Elizabeth Brodkin of the Fraser Health Authority.

"My understanding is their interpretation of scripture is that to immunize would be to show a lack of faith in God's ability to protect them, and therefore they choose not to do that," said Brodkin.
Should religious people be forced to vaccinate their children against their will? No. I think it is vitally important to maintain individual autonomy when it comes to decisions about health and medical treatment. But should we therefore respect the poor decisions that individuals make regarding their health? No! This community should be ostracized and crucified (haha) in the media and by everyone for their ridiculous, idiotic, and dangerous decisions. The illogical choices made by this backwards community have not only put their own children at risk, but the entire surrounding community of millions of people.

Quiet religious families are not upstanding, though a little odd, members of the community. They are ticking time-bombs, liable to ignite a public health crisis, or worse, at any moment.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Did you know that...?

Jane Goodall - world's foremost leading authority, no-kidding-around monkey fucking expert Jane Goodall - thinks that bigfoot exists.

Friday, August 22, 2008

People keep getting... smarter!

The Pew Research Center says that total separation of church and state has become the majority opinion in America.

The chart doesn't go very far back, but the trend seems to be that the further back you go, the more people wanted religion to be involved in politics. Could I find the actual numbers going back decades? Sure, but I'm lazy.

My guess would be that this trend continues into the past. Yes, separation of church and state was carved into the very foundation of the country, but that was by a small minority of well educated leaders, not the general public. Also, at that time, if a church were to involve itself in politics, it would not be the church of the people, but an imposed authority from across the ocean. So separation of church and state in 1776 was as much to protect the people's religion as it was to protect their government.

Now, however, the majority of the general population, with the majority religion on their side, for the first time ever (I'm totally pulling out of my ass), are expressing the very mature and sophisticated position that no one's religion has any place in politics.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that people are getting dumber.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ice cream man! Ice cream man!

Why is it always an ice cream man? I don't remember ever seeing a single ice cream woman. Primary school teachers are usually women, which is often justified by saying that women are better with children, or children bond better with women, or men are untrustworthy. Why not the same for ice cream folk?

Woah. Ok, the above thought came to me because an ice cream truck just went by, and brought with it a wave of nostalgia. It just went by a second time, and I friggin' went for it. Yessiree, I'm enjoying a cotton candy bubblegum swirl popcicle right now. Anyways, the ice cream man... was a woman! Go figure.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

EEEEE!!! Headline!!!

Woman riding a donkey fights off lion with machete

Woman riding a donkey fights off lion with machete

Woman riding a donkey fights off lion with machete

ACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) -- A Mexican woman said she fought a 500-pound lion with a machete near the resort city of Acapulco and scared him away. Celsa Aleman said she and her 7-year-old niece were riding a donkey Monday along a road when the lion went after the animal's legs.

The 35-year-old woman says she found the courage to fight the lion because she thought it would attack her niece. She hit the animal with a machete until the beast ran away. Aleman and her niece were unharmed.

The state government said in a statement that the lion had escaped from a private zoo owned by a former local congressman.

It said the animal killed two dogs and ate a pig before it was sedated and taken back to the zoo.

Friday, August 1, 2008

I am an Amazing Atheist

This guy fucking rules. He's always entertaining, always interesting, and nearly always right.

I've been posting a lot of videos lately. I don't know why.

Little Brother

You may have seen the video of the cop tackling the cyclist with no warning and for no apparent reason.

I've said before, the best way to improve society is to film the cops any chance you get. Thanks largely to the video, the 22 year old asshole cop Patrick Pogan is in trouble, and will have to answer for his (over-re)actions. Turns out he lied in his initial report, saying the cyclist had run into him!

What a cocksucker.

He has had his gun and badge suspended until the investigation is over. Good work citizen journalist! Keep the pigs honest - and there are some great honest ones who deserve thanks and respect. The minority of power hungry fear mongering assholes ruin the reputation of their profession, and actually do harm to their society by fostering a distrust and fear of police.

In reverence of the Dare

I just read this local story on the CBC.

A couple goes away on vacation, and someone sticks their garden hose through their mail slot, causing a huge amount of damage. The couple, and the community, are shocked and outraged. How could anyone do something so thoughtless?

This is a quote from the victim:

"I guess I just can't believe kids can be that destructive, quite honestly," she said, "unless they were just on a dare."
Oh man! I love that. Childhood rituals get ingrained in us from a young age and some just never leave. Even faced with a Big Adult Problem like a ruined house, thousands of dollars of repairs, and stacks of insurance paperwork, this woman still makes an exception for a dare.

That's so cool, I hope I never mature to the point where I won't feel obligated, as if by some immutable law, to buy a Coke for someone who jinxed me.