Friday, August 1, 2008

In reverence of the Dare

I just read this local story on the CBC.

A couple goes away on vacation, and someone sticks their garden hose through their mail slot, causing a huge amount of damage. The couple, and the community, are shocked and outraged. How could anyone do something so thoughtless?

This is a quote from the victim:

"I guess I just can't believe kids can be that destructive, quite honestly," she said, "unless they were just on a dare."
Oh man! I love that. Childhood rituals get ingrained in us from a young age and some just never leave. Even faced with a Big Adult Problem like a ruined house, thousands of dollars of repairs, and stacks of insurance paperwork, this woman still makes an exception for a dare.

That's so cool, I hope I never mature to the point where I won't feel obligated, as if by some immutable law, to buy a Coke for someone who jinxed me.

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