Friday, August 22, 2008

People keep getting... smarter!

The Pew Research Center says that total separation of church and state has become the majority opinion in America.

The chart doesn't go very far back, but the trend seems to be that the further back you go, the more people wanted religion to be involved in politics. Could I find the actual numbers going back decades? Sure, but I'm lazy.

My guess would be that this trend continues into the past. Yes, separation of church and state was carved into the very foundation of the country, but that was by a small minority of well educated leaders, not the general public. Also, at that time, if a church were to involve itself in politics, it would not be the church of the people, but an imposed authority from across the ocean. So separation of church and state in 1776 was as much to protect the people's religion as it was to protect their government.

Now, however, the majority of the general population, with the majority religion on their side, for the first time ever (I'm totally pulling out of my ass), are expressing the very mature and sophisticated position that no one's religion has any place in politics.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that people are getting dumber.