Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This is madness!

This is SPARTA!


Mozglubov said...

Well played... but I am curious as to just how you come across some of these news stories. I mean, this one isn't even pirate themed!

Jolly Bloger said...

I subscribe to an obscene number of news feeds. This one showed up on the AP wire.

Frankly, I've been feeling somewhat confined by the pirate stuff. You may have noticed I've been taking a break from the whole thing lately. Perhaps I'll think up some new themes for the future. Rabid Fox Fridays?

Mozglubov said...

You may have some difficulty filling each Friday with stories of rabid foxes... I'm just not sure there are enough of them to go around. Anyway, I hope the feelings of constraint stemming from pirate themes don't keep you from continuing your blogging efforts.