Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pirate Wednesday - Google Earth


Unbelievably exciting pirate related news! A man claims to have discovered sunken treasure using Google Earth!

Mr. Smith was noodling around on Google Earth one day, randomly examining parts of the Aransas Pass in Texas. Suddenly, his eyes darted to a shoeprint-shaped outline near Barketine Creek.

His suspicions and, presumably, his vast knowledge of history, were sufficiently aroused for him to believe that what he had found was the wreckage of a Spanish barquentine (think large boat with three or more masts) that supposedly met its final resting place south of Refugio, Texas, in 1822.
The treasure, if this is indeed what he found, is estimated to be worth about $3 billion. There are also some legal complications regarding who has the rights to the wreck.

This comes on the heels of an awesome update to Google Earth that expands the service to the oceans. I happened to see the latest iteration of Google Earth last night, after kinda losing interest months ago, and it has really come a long way. It's spectacular. I suspect this is the first of many novel discoveries to be made from the comfort of someone's home, just surfing satellite images.

Living in the future rules.

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